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Experience the finest quality rice varieties directly from Haryana & Punjab. From paddy to plate, excellence guaranteed!

Super Dine Rice

We at Super Dine Rice, offers an extensive product range in Basmati and Non-basmati Rice that covers the entire customers’ needs at lowest possible price in India. We ensure that customer expectations are met by offering a diverse range at the best prices. We also have the premium quality in the market including pesticide-free and organic products.

Quality Standards

We take every step to ensure that quality standards of the highest level are undertaken to provide you with the best products.

  • Strict compliance to FSSAI norms
  • Periodic quality checks on all private label packing units
  • Monitored purchase from shortlisted suppliers across the country to ensure procurement and sales of quality products to our customers

Common Consumer Worries

Discover the everyday challenges consumers face in the rice market.

Quality Concerns

We are well established and popular company with excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We never compromised on the quality of our products and have earned a respectable status among our wide customer base in National and International market.

Why Us

Super Dine Rice, one of the leading upcoming Basmati Rice suppliers with our brand ‘Pure Gold – Long Grain Rice’, is proud to offer range of rice varieties. Our company works directly with the rice farmers and rice mills in Haryana & Punjab where the initial manufacturing and refining process starts. So from paddy to plate, you can be sure that the quality of Super Dine Rice is never compromised.

Origin Verification

Determining the exact source and processing methods of the rice they consume is a common challenge for buyers.

Price Transparency

The lack of clear pricing information can create distrust and uncertainty among consumers.

Tailored Rice Solutions

Our services are designed to address and solve the common consumer worries in the rice market.

Rice Supply

We provide top-quality Basmati rice directly sourced from the farms of U.P., Haryana & Punjab.

Custom Packaging

Tailored packaging solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Bulk Orders

Efficient handling of bulk orders for businesses and retailers.

Our Journey to Success

Our journey started in the year 2020. SUPER DINE RICE was founded by Mufees Ahmad. SUPER DINE RICE have a couple of experience, expertise & range to service all rice traders, brokers & wholesalers in India. With a complete focus on quality & a perfected sourcing model, we are delivering the best quality of Basmati Rice to all customers in India.
Super Dine Rice started with a vision to provide top-quality rice products sourced directly from local farmers.

With a customer-centered approach, we have proudly served a diverse range of clients, delivering excellence at every step.

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Benefits of Choosing Us

Explore the advantages that come with selecting Super Dine Rice for your culinary needs.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Enjoy the assurance of genuine, quality Basmati rice with every grain you cook.

Diverse Selection

Choose from a wide range of rice varieties to suit your cooking preferences and needs.

Direct Sourcing

Experience transparency in sourcing as we work directly with local farmers and mills.

Customer Voices

Explore our range and elevate your dining experience today!

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